Personal Shopping & Styling

Personal Shopping

We have a very diverse client list, from those who are simply too busy, live too far away, or simply must have the out-of-stock latest and greatest. No matter your situation – if you’re want a luxury shopping experience, DXE delivers!
We always exercise the utmost discretion and offer help with wardrobe edits, shipping your shopping to another address as well as sourcing luxury items.  
If you don't have the time to shop or want to be taken on that personal London shopping experience, please get in touch.

How can we help?

Find those hidden gems in your closet! We can all benefit from a closet refresh – looking at the pieces we have in a new light.
For those pieces that don’t make the cut – donate these to others who will continue to love them and make room for that new style. 

Spring Clean Your Closet

Style Refresh

Have our stylists treat you like a celebrity and enjoy a styling session. 
We'll work through your personal style goals and come up with the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle!

Personal Shopping

Whether you're looking for that out-of-stock item or want that VIP personal shopping experience - we would love to deliver it now!

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