Our Journey

The Journey So Far

Originally started during university in London as a means to cover the bills, but when on maternity leave with my daughter, I found a sense of normality in being able to shop. 
Not having to worry about the day-job and finally with time to focus on providing my client base with the latest styles and in-demand items. We rapidly grew, until the prospect of putting my daughter in Nursery and going back to full-time work filled me with dread.
I took the leap and made the leap to full-time personal shopping, and have been blessed to provide a service a love, whilst focussed on an industry I’m passionate about.
As well as sourcing hard-to-get items, my shopping role generally involves advising clients on the basics of wardrobe investments and how to prioritise the timeless and classic pieces.  
Although shopping all day may appear fun and full of glamour, you will inevitably find me (and often my husband and daughter) with our sleeves rolled up running from shop to shop, packaging and sending items around the world, or simply updating a client’s wardrobe!